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Summary of Indoor Football Rules
Both Co-ed & Men’s League
 Indoor Soccer Rules - Introduction

Playing indoor soccer can be a lot of fun because players get a lot more touches on the ball than when playing outside.
Indoor soccer matches are played on artificial turf inside a hockey arena or skating rink and different rules for indoor soccer
Indoor soccer does not have the out of bounds lines but instead is played with walls just like in hockey.
This makes the game a lot more fast paced as there are no stoppages for throw ins, goal kicks and corner kicks which calls for different set of indoor soccer rules

- Match Duration –
This league will be played with two 25 minute halves; there will be no extra/over-time for tied games. Note when play-offs commence if a game comes to duration time with the scores tied, the winner will be decided through penalty shot out.

- The Team -
Indoor soccer matches are played with 5 outfield players and a goalie. Substitutions are permitted and players can be substituted and brought back into play as many times as they want according to the rules for indoor soccer.

- Play off the Walls -
Playing off the walls is allowed and the gameplay will not be stopped unless the ball touches the net above the walls or is kicked high that it touches the ceiling.
Once the ball touches the net above the walls or the ceiling, indoor soccer rules require the referee to stop the game and award the ball to the team opposing the one that touched the ball last. Free kick is taken where the ball went out.

- Contact Rules -
Standard contact rules generally apply. Ball contact must be made during a play on the ball, no charging with hands or elbows, no charging from behind, no holding the opponent etc.
The use of the sliding tackle is banned, though such techniques are less useful on our surface than they are on a slick field.

- The Crease -
Some leagues enforce a special zone inside the goalkeeper's box called the crease. No player may shoot the ball from inside the crease

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