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At King’s Sports Centre, we have several hockey leagues and programs.

8U, 12U & 15U Hockey

8 &Under, 12&Under and 15&Under hockey continues the line of hockey development. Kids are on the floor 2 - 3 times a week with structured practices and games. We take pride in teaching the kids the basics in skating and the game of hockey, developing those skills over the years and turning the kids into great hockey players. We have some kids that progress to playing ice hockey at their prep schools in Canada or the USA. Additionally, some kids progress to play adult roller hockey or ball hockey league on island.

Mens Roller Hockey

Men’s roller hockey league occurs on Tuesday nights during the operating seasons. There is a lot of talent hiding on the island and games are really competitive. There are 4 teams that play in the league and battle for the Kings Cherry Cup. In addition, we also host men’s drop in hockey games every Sunday which runs almost every week all year long.

Men's Ball Hockey

Men’s Ball Hockey league occurs on Thursday nights. Again, just like the roller league this is a four team, high competitive league. There is a national ball hockey team which participates in the Worlds every two years around the world and we host the Caribbean cup at Kings inviting 4 - 5 international teams to Cayman.

Kings Sports Centre Grand Cayman Islands
Hockey Camps

King’s Sports Centre also holds 2 - 3 hockey camps during the season winter, spring, and summer. Kids are on the floor 2 times a day practicing or playing hockey, we also play games in between floor times like dodge ball, soccer, capture the flag, and street hockey. We watch hockey videos and have a lot of fun. The camp is usually run 8:30 am-3:00pm


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