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5 ways to energize your body

1... Drink plenty of water. 60% of our body is made up of water. If you get dehydrated,

your system slows down making you tired so drink at least 6 glasses of water a day.

2... Eat enough. When you wake up, your body is in the catabolic state meaning eating

muscle so make sure you eat well for your breakfast which is the most important meal.

3... Avoid eating refined sugars. Everyone has a craving for chocolates and sweets but eating too much will cause an insulin spike in your blood sugar which will leave you more hungry and tired.

4... Sleep well. Make sure you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep which is enough for your body to recharge and to repair any muscles which might have been used i.e. working out.

5... Keep active. Just by walking and jogging your body will feel energized.

How to Quit

The following 3 things will help reduce and make you quit smoking:

1... Nicotine replacement treatment. This comes in the form of a gum, skin patches or nasal spray.

2... Zyban. Is a medicine that will help smoking cessation.

3... Champix. A medicine that reduces the urge to smoke. Champix can double your chances of quitting.

Smokings Dark Side and How to Quit

Cigarettes contain 000s of chemical compounds and hundred of toxic substances. The most damaging products are:

1... Tar. A substance known as a carcinogen which causes cancer.

2... Carbon Monoxide which reduces the oxygen in the body

3... Nicotine. An addictive product which increases the bad cholesterol levels in

the body.

Diseases Caused by Smoking

1... Coronary thrombosis. Around 30% are caused by smoking. This is where a blood clot is formed in the arteries which can lead to a heart attack

2... Cerebral thrombosis. This is where the vessels in the brain become blocked which can lead to collapse, stroke and paralysis.

3... High blood pressure and kidney failure will be resulted if the kidney arteries are affected.

> Bladder cancer, esophagus cancer, kidney cancer, pancreas cancer, cervical cancer are all likely to be caused by smoking.

Feeling Depressed...

Everyone in a lifetime has 20% chance of having an episode of depression. It is very common. Women are twice as likely to be depressed than men. It is not fully

understood with how depression is caused but mainly in stressful life events such as, losing a job, relationships ending may trigger an episode of depression. Genes and early life experience may make some people vulnerable. Depression is also

triggered by some physical illness, drug treatment and recreational drugs.

Treatments of Depression

1... Talking to someone or to your doctor about your problems is a form of psychotherapy and can help greatly.

2... Its a lot better to talk to someone about your problems than keep quiet about

them and bottling up on them.

3... Antidepressant medication helps to correct the low mood and other symptoms

experienced during depression.

4... Exercise regularly. This can help you feel relaxed and by releasing energy you

will feel more lively. This is a great way to lower the depression state.

Symptons of Depression

1... Losing interest in sex

2... Being irritable

3... Avoiding other people

4... Finding it harder than usual to make decisions

5... Feeling useless and inadequate

6... Having a poor apetite

7... Difficulty sleeping

8... Feeling tired all the time and having no energy

9... Feeling hopeless that nothing will make things better

10... Losing interest in normal activities, hobbies and everyday life.

You Should be Concerned if you Suffer more than a couple of the Signs Below

1... Suicidal thoughts

2... Exhaustion

3... Avoiding collegues

4... Alcohol or drug abuse

5... forgetting to eat

6... Too busy to take holidays

7... Withdrawing from friends

8... Lack of enjoyments in life

>>>>>>>>>>Ways to bust stress<<<<<<<<<<

1... Take control

2... Be active

3... Connect with people

4... Avoid unhealthy habbits

5... Challenge yourself

6... Have some "me time"

7... Work smarter not harder

8... Be positive

9... Accept the things you cant change

10... Do volunteer work

Feeling Stressed...
How to Keep your Heart in Check


STAY FIT - Exercising regularly reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease.

DEAL WITH DEPRESSION - Seek help right away if your suffering from depression. If you have suffered from a heart attack then it is more likely for you to be depressed.

DO NOT IGNORE TUMMY PAINS - Insufficient blood flow to the muscles will result in heart failure. Heart failure will show itself through symptoms of stomach pains,

indigestion and bloating.

EAT CARBS BUT COMPLEX ONES - Complex carbs are loaded with starch and fibre which release energy slowly making you active for longer.

GET TESTED - By being tested, you can reveal your risk of having a heart attack. The test measure 2 very important cholesterol levels in your blood, total cholesterol levels

and HDL (good) cholesterol levels.​

Stress is a serious problem and is growing rapidly.


People deal with stress in different ways and is unavoidable to make them get through life.


When you are stressed, your symptoms fall into three categories, physical, emotional and behavioural.


Physical signs include heart palpitations, tiredness, indigestion, nausea, aches and pains as well as illness.


Emotional signs could be feeling tensed or drained, guilty, irritable, anxious, feeling angry and mood swings.

Behavioural signs include, increased smoking and poor work, loss of interest in sex, excessive caffeine and alcohol, use of cigarettes and sleeping problems.

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