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Personal Training

We offer one-on-one training with our internationally qualified personal trainers. Achieve your health and fitness goal today!

Personal Trainers

Mannie Ramos

Certified Personal Trainer, AFPP

Specializes in:
- Themed Cardio

- Yogilates (Fusion of Yoga & Pilates)

- Muscle Toning

- Muscle Build Up

- Bodybuilding Exercises

- Aerobics

- 17 years of experience

- 2 Time Bodybuilding Contestant

(Novice - 3rd Place)

(Open Weight - 4th Place)


Jennifer La Grande

Certified Personal Trainer, BAWA

Specializes in:
- General Fitness
- Weight Loss Management
- Body Building
- Sports Performance Enhancement


- Won 1st place in the British NABBA (National Amateur's Body-Builder's Association) competition, twice.

- Won Cayman Weightlifting competition in her division.

- YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) London Personal Training certification


Eckerd McField

Certified Fitness Trainer

Specializes in:
- Strength & Conditioning

- Group Fitness

- Corrective Exercise

- Body Building

- Sports Nutrition

- 10 Years of Sports Fitness with CI Basketball Association.

- Level 1 & 2 FIBA Coaching Competency Certification


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