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Notes from Captains Meeting
& Modifications to the Rules

Prizes: The $500 bar tab for the first place winner and trophies for first and second place will be given in
EACH division. If a winning team wants to include transportation (party bus) as part of their money, that fee will be
taken off the bar tab, paid separately and the remainder given to the bar of their choice. 

We require 24 hours notice if a team cannot make game and that game can be re-scheduled for another
day. Should 24 hours notice not be given we still need to be informed so that the other team can be informed and
make a decision whether or not to show. Note that without ample notice that game will be forfeited.

Should a team not show up for their scheduled game and we do not have any notice, a $50 fine will be
issued. This fine will be required to be paid before that team's next game. A portion of that find will go towards prizes.

CAPTAINS are the people that need to get in touch with Andre should a game be needed to re-schedule or
forfeit. This allows for proper and clear communication and less confusion. Andre will then inform the opposing team
and handle the re-scheduling.

Transformers will play in the 7-8pm time slot. All other teams will differ week to week to be fair and will
alternate for the 9pmslot.

We will be working on getting a Golden Boot to recognize the top scorer in each division as well as a Golden
Glove for the top goalie in each division.

Uniforms: If we could coordinate jersey colors that would be excellent, so that every team in each division
has a different color. Otherwise, bibs will have to be worn again. 

RED CARDS: 3 Yellow Cards=1 Red. If a player should receive a red card, a $50 fine will occur and that
player will be suspended from playing until the fine is paid.

Every team is required to have a set roster after the 3rd week of playing. NO additions will be allowed
after this. We will send out a reminder after the 2nd week to make sure that all teams have their rosters set for the
remainder of the season.

The goal area will be modified to allow player to take a shot within closer proximate of the goal keeper, the
keeper is allowed to come into the area and defend his ball in a sportsman like conduct.

Re-scheduled games will most likely be on Sunday, unless the schedule allows for another day.

Updates will be sent out to team captions every week and a half.

Week of January 28th: There are no games that week due to the holiday.

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