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THE HISTORY OF Kings Sports Centre

King’s Sports Centre is a multipurpose facility geared towards providing the community with a
variety of sporting activities and entertainment all under one roof. It is the owner’s (Rex Ebanks’)
hope that families would use the facility by participating in sporting events and support each other
by attending these events.

King’s Sports Centre was established in 2002. The facility contains a bowling alley and lounge
bar, two multipurpose rooms which are currently used for parties, aerobics, karate, the facility also includes a 10,500 square feet multipurpose rink, use for: roller skating, roller hockey, football, basketball, concerts, also includes: two squash courts, a rock climbing wall, and powerhouse gym, steam rooms, and many other activities.

Kings Sports Centre management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect.
People who come to Kings Sports Centre want to work out here because we have created an
environment for all ages and have welcome everyone, Kings Sports Centre aims to become a
leader in Health and Fitness. The mainstay of our strategy will be to offer a level of client focus
that is superior to that offered by our competitors.
To help achieve this objective, Kings Sports Centre seeks to attract highly motivated individuals
that want to work as a team and share in the commitment, responsibility, risk taking and discipline
required to achieve our vision

To be committed to you the staff, and to give the best possible service to our members in
the fitness industry.

Philosophy quotes: “He who has health, has hope, And he who has hope, has everything

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