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Supermarkets and food manufacturers have pledged to help us eat more fruit and vegetables.
As part of the government's Responsibility Deal, most of Britain's major supermarkets have agreed to lower the price of certain fruit and vegetable products.
Meanwhile, food manufacturers have promised to add more fruit and vegetables into ready meals.
In an interview with, public health minister Anna Soubry predicted that the initiative would make it easier for Brits to engage in healthy eating.
She said: "Getting your five-a-day can help lower the risk of serious health problems, such as heart disease and some cancers, but we know that can be a challenge. Through the Responsibility Deal, we have already achieved real progress in helping people cut the calories and salt in their diet.
"All of the major supermarkets have now committed to removing artificial trans fats and over 70 per cent of fast food and takeaway meals sold on the high street have calories clearly labelled." reports that many supermarkets have agreed to expand their fruit and vegetable aisles in order to give customers a wider range of healthy food to buy. What's more, Lidl has promised to replace all the unhealthy snacks at its point of sale with fruit and vegetables.

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